Random Common Sentences

1.A small glass, or a big one?
2.Yeah I know.
3.How much does it cost per day?
4.Mike doesn't have to wash his mother's car today.
5.That looks great.
6.My sister has a job.
7.She spent many days knitting a sweater for him.
8.I need to know your answer by Friday.
9.They say that girls spend more time worrying about how they look than boys do.
10.He is angry with you.
11.No. I didn't hear that. Are you sure?
12.He is lying through his teeth.
13.I only want a snack.
14.Are you going, too?
15.She treated him like a king.
16.I think it's time for me to wash my car.
17.You must do what seems right to you.
18.Do you like surfing?
19.He joined the English club.
20.If she calls again tell her I'm gonna to be late.
21.Keep to the right.
22.It's your book.
23.He wants to meet you.
24.You can read this book.
25.How long will this cold weather last?
26.I hope neither of them was injured in the crash.
27.He hasn't come yet.
28.Do you have a better idea?
29.He gave it to me for nothing.
30.Is there anyone you're interested in?