Random Common Sentences

1.She painted the wall pink.
2.She advised him to talk about his life in America.
3.He receives a high salary.
4.That's nice. How much is it?
5.We must make up for lost time.
6.Give me something to write on.
7.That girl's eyes are blue.
8.Your father seems very nice.
9.The dog bit my hand.
10.My parents prohibited me from seeing Tom again.
11.He woke up to find himself lying on a bench in the park.
12.It is likely to be fine.
13.No, she hasn't been around all day. She said she had something important to do today?
14.He worked from morning till night.
15.She denied having met him even though we saw them talking to each other.
16.John and Mary have known each other since 1976.
17.I didn't need to take an umbrella with me.
18.I didn't expect you to get here so soon.
19.She wants to kiss him.
20.Visitors are welcome.
21.Ann loves chocolate.
22.I wish I didn't have to work.
23.I'm afraid of earthquakes.
24.She pleaded with him to stay.
25.It has cooled off.
26.What season do you like the best?
27.He has been sick in bed all week.
28.A boy came running toward me.
29.She is kind.
30.The teacher compared my poem with one of his.