Random Common Sentences

1.You shouldn't ride a bicycle on the sidewalk.
2.He works at a bank.
3.Who is it?
4.There are many kinds of coffee.
5.Do you want to go to the movies?
6.This apple is sweet.
7.She majored in history.
8.I spent two hours yesterday trying to fix that broken radio.
9.Within one month of going abroad, he became sick.
10.The boy sat on a chair.
11.Where's the post office?
12.I lived overseas for ten years.
13.We all have missed you.
14.I've made the same mistakes as I made last time.
15.No, I think it came out of my pocket when I was in the taxi.
16.He doesn't have any friends to play with.
17.The roads are slippery.
18.Hi Karen.
19.I like candlelight.
20.There is an urgent need for new ideas.
21.I found it necessary to get a loan.
22.She has a pretty doll.
23.Does it snow a lot in the winter?
24.Have you told anyone about the surprise party?
25.He is walking towards the station.
26.Do you mind if I turn on the radio?
27.We went to London last year.
28.Our city police have a new campaign targeting drunken driving.
29.Give it to me straight.
30.What do you think he meant by that?