Random Common Sentences

1.Streetcars run on electricity.
2.He is likely to come.
3.I'll be visiting Japan again in a few years.
4.She has never danced with him.
5.The audience was deeply affected.
6.She lives with him in a small apartment.
7.She couldn't look him in the face.
8.Have a nice flight!
9.He is two inches taller than I am.
10.He said he had to cancel the meeting this afternoon.
11.Reading is the kind of habit that once acquired is never lost.
12.He loves her.
13.He made a promise to take me to the movies.
14.The prisoners were set free.
15.What're you talking about?
16.What time does the first train leave?
17.This book goes on the top shelf.
18.Can you reach the ceiling?
19.I've never seen a real cow.
20.I don't know, but someone told me they tried it and lost 20 pounds.
21.Would you like to go for a walk?
22.I believe you.
23.Where are you?
24.241 Main street.
25.Did the police come?
26.She was absent from school because she was sick.
27.I like this coat. May I try it on?
28.She spends time with her grandmother every Sunday.
29.Please put it back in its place.
30.We obeyed the rules.