Random Common Sentences

1.She usually gets up early.
2.I'm starting to dislike her.
3.She loves him.
4.My father likes strong coffee.
5.I agree with what you say to some extent.
6.I don't want there to be any misunderstanding.
7.You should rewrite this sentence.
8.I warned you not to get near him, didn't I?
9.A cookie is under the table.
10.Nancy told me about the fire.
11.You must pay attention to his advice.
12.He hurried to the station so he wouldn't miss the train.
13.He can run the fastest in the class.
14.Tom's face is red.
15.I think you have too many clothes.
16.An eight-year-old car is almost worthless.
17.Have you read this book already?
18.He went over to the other side.
19.She defeated him.
20.Let's stop here.
21.What do people usually do in the summer in Los Angeles?
22.She held him tightly and never wanted to let go.
23.He moved into my neighborhood.
24.Where does it hurt?
25.She accused him of being late.
26.Would you lend me your pen?
27.I'm American.
28.I went there because I wanted to.
29.Do you know if Grace is at home?
30.I met her the year that my uncle William died.