Random Common Sentences

1.I want to sleep a little longer.
2.She was stupid enough to believe him.
3.I can't drink any more.
4.Mary can swim.
5.How do you spell it?
6.Her older sister got married last month.
7.She attracted our attention.
8.David is very active.
9.No problem.
10.Let me see.
11.I can't afford the time to travel.
12.Apparently, we'll be getting a raise within two months.
13.I hope you had a nice trip.
14.What time do you usually have breakfast?
15.He won the first prize at the chess tournament.
16.I had an asthma attack.
17.When did you arrive in Boston?
18.He decided to feed his dog the rabbit that he had shot earlier that day.
19.You must do your best.
20.Is something wrong?
21.She's really tall. Do you know her?
22.I felt that I should help her.
23.She felt like crying.
24.He is afraid of death.
25.They had trouble finding the place.
26.My brother seems to enjoy himself at college.
27.Yes. Everyone around here does.
28.He became a national hero.
29.Would you lend me your pen?
30.Tom was also there.