Random Common Sentences

1.There are various kinds of coffee.
2.You may go.
3.Turn left at the first light.
4.It's not only Tom that has to study. I have to study, too.
5.Didn't it occur to you to shut the windows?
6.He began to learn English.
7.I can imagine how you felt.
8.I've always fed my dogs in the early evening.
9.He catches colds very easily.
10.No, that's too early. I'll still be at work then.
11.I don't know when my father will come back.
12.I'm sick of this hot weather.
13.I arrived at the station ten minutes late.
14.She visits him quite often, but never stays very long.
15.Tom told us that he had a headache.
16.We found out recently that some foxes live here on this mountain.
17.I wish he would write more often.
18.A dog bit her leg.
19.It's too big.
20.Tom was sentenced to five days in jail and a year on probation for drunken driving.
21.His joy showed on his face.
22.She divorced him.
23.I am through with my work.
24.That's the way.
25.If you go to Google and search for my name, you should be able to find it.
26.They walked around.
27.Since I had a cold, I didn't go to school
28.I need to study math.
29.What are your hobbies?
30.Oh, that's Matt.