Random Common Sentences

1.She deliberately exposed him to danger.
2.I can't tell you how to do that.
3.She was only too glad to help us.
4.What's going on here?
5.We won't be able to arrive home in time.
6.Who will look after the baby while they're out?
7.The road is too narrow for cars.
8.You're speaking a little too fast for me. Would you speak a little more slowly?
9.She knows me.
10.We have plenty of time to spare.
11.That's not very much.
12.I'd like you to put me back on the list.
13.I like spaghetti. Do you like spaghetti?
14.She has about 2,000 books.
15.Don't expose it to the rain.
16.I only spent three dollars.
17.I want to spend more time doing things that make me happy.
18.Why do you want to leave today?
19.He adapted himself to his new life.
20.Tom can speak French almost like a native.
21.She was looking forward to going to a movie with him.
22.Give me something to write on.
23.She treated him like a king.
24.Be careful about what you eat.
25.Let's begin on page 30.
26.It's about time you sent the children to bed.
27.We're just like brothers.
28.Could you give me change for a dollar?
29.She didn't feel like eating lunch.
30.All of a sudden, the fire alarm went off.