Random Common Sentences

1.She suggested that I give it to him right away.
2.I'm not sure yet, but I think I'll become a teacher.
3.Would you like some salad?
4.He got angry.
5.He swims better than I do.
6.The sky brightened.
7.He traveled around the country.
8.He is uncertain about his future.
9.I am not always free on Sundays.
10.Snow completely covered the town.
11.He is very handsome.
12.I want to think about it.
13.Your house is fantastic.
14.Will you send it by mail?
15.She passed the examination.
16.It rains a lot in June in Japan.
17.She got over the shock of her father's death.
18.It's over there.
19.Dr. White acted as our interpreter.
20.I believe you.
21.Will you have dinner with me?
22.Let's go by bus.
23.Bring me a cup of coffee, will you?
24.Could I have three cinnamon donuts?
25.I met Tom on my way to school.
26.His horse jumped over the fence.
27.Why don't you come in?
28.Like father, like son.
29.Didn't it occur to you to shut the windows?
30.He looks much better now.