Random Common Sentences

1.Who is the woman dressed in pink?
2.I arrived in London.
3.I use it.
4.What are you going to have?
5.Who was the book written by?
6.I'm going to see Mary this afternoon.
7.I'm sorry, I can't stay long.
8.This is excellent wine.
9.Keep off the grass.
10.This message doesn't make sense.
11.She advised him to take the medicine.
12.He and I are cousins.
13.I am doubtful of his success.
14.I saw a town in the distance.
15.He resembles his grandfather.
16.I will give you a bicycle for your birthday.
17.I can talk about anything with my best friend.
18.He lives in the next town.
19.You can rely on her.
20.Ten prisoners broke out of jail.
21.She's really smart, isn't she?
22.That's not fair.
23.There is no school today.
24.Please wait a little while longer.
25.I can't live on ten thousand yen a month.
26.She thanked him for his help.
27.He fell backward.
28.I guess you'll need some help.
29.Who are you?
30.We had better leave her alone for a few minutes.