Random Common Sentences

1.Our dorm's heating system isn't working properly.
2.The garden needs to be weeded.
3.He lost his ticket for the movie.
4.Do you have many friends?
5.When will you come back to school?
6.Sorry to hear that.
7.What season do you like the best?
8.She visited him in Boston.
9.She testified against him.
10.They live in this town.
11.I read a book while eating.
12.She kicked him.
13.I was very glad to get a present from her.
14.There is no school today.
15.At last, the baby fell asleep.
16.We'd like you to sing some songs.
17.It has been ten years since I left Japan.
18.I am through with my work.
19.She said goodbye.
20.Why didn't you call me up?
21.Yesterday Mary stayed home all day.
22.He's not good at remembering names.
23.I think it's highly unlikely that I'll ever see my stolen motorcycle again.
24.Lightning is usually followed by thunder.
25.Can I see your passport please?
26.He likes oranges.
27.Look at the train crossing the bridge.
28.We took a back road to avoid the heavy traffic.
29.My brother is a good skater.
30.May I have your name?