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H - 12 | English In Use

Common Sentences starting with --H--

331.He fell in love with her at first sight.
332.He fell in love with her.
333.He felt at home.
334.He filled the bottle with water.
335.He finally achieved what he set out to do.
336.He finally got his wish.
337.He finally realized that Mary had made a fool of him.
338.He finished the beer and ordered another.
339.He flew a kite with his son.
340.He forgot to turn off the light.
341.He found a nice apartment for Mary.
342.He found his father lying in the kitchen.
343.He found his parents.
344.He found it difficult to please his father.
345.He found the box under the table.
346.He founded the school five years ago.
347.He gave an explanation about why he had been absent.
348.He gave in to the temptation.
349.He gave in.
350.He gave it to me for nothing.
351.He gave it to me.
352.He gave me 10,000 yen.
353.He gave me a bad cold.
354.He gave me a good piece of advice.
355.He gave us quite a lot of trouble.
356.He gets a haircut once a month.
357.He gets his hair cut once a month.
358.He gets mad very easily.
359.He goes to school by bicycle.
360.He goes to school by bus.

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