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H - 35 | English In Use

Common Sentences starting with --H--

1021.He will be here in half an hour.
1022.He will come soon.
1023.He will get nowhere with his plans.
1024.He will not say yes.
1025.He will visit his uncle.
1026.He wiped the sweat off his face.
1027.He wishes the accident hadn't happened.
1028.He wishes to become a doctor.
1029.He woke up to find himself lying on a bench in the park.
1030.He won the first prize at the chess tournament.
1031.He won't come in a rain like this.
1032.He wondered why she did that.
1033.He wore a mask so no one would recognize him.
1034.He worked from morning till night.
1035.He works as hard as any other student.
1036.He works at a bank.
1037.He works at a computer company in New York.
1038.He works for a bank.
1039.He works from nine to five-thirty.
1040.He works in a factory.
1041.He works with me at the office.
1042.He wouldn't believe us.
1043.He writes books.
1044.He writes to his mother every now and then.
1045.He wrote down her name in the notebook.
1046.He wrote the report.
1047.He wrote to me from time to time.
1048.He wrote to me yesterday.
1049.He'll be along in ten minutes.
1050.He'll be here soon.

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