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H - 39 | English In Use

Common Sentences starting with --H--

1141.Hello sir, may I help you?
1142.Hello sir, welcome to the French Garden Restaurant. How many?
1143.Hello sir, would you like to order now?
1144.Hello, can you hear me? I said what time do you think you'll be getting to the party?
1145.Hello, how may I help you?
1146.Hello, Marriott Hotel, how may I help you?
1148.Help me, please.
1149.Help yourself to these cookies.
1151.Henry wants to see you.
1152.Her birthday party will be held tomorrow evening.
1153.Her birthday party will be tomorrow evening.
1154.Her books sell pretty well.
1155.Her car broke down on the way.
1156.Her car is two years old.
1157.Her daughter can recite many poems.
1158.Her dream is to visit Paris.
1159.Her eyes are blue.
1160.Her eyes were red from crying.
1161.Her father never let her go to town with her friends.
1162.Her feelings are easily hurt.
1163.Her hat looked very funny.
1164.Her mother lives in the country all by herself.
1165.Her mother made her a new dress.
1166.Her older sister got married last month.
1167.Her red dress made her stand out.
1168.Here come the police. Let's get out of here.
1169.Here comes Jane. Do you know her?
1170.Here comes the bus.

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