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H - 51 | English In Use

Common Sentences starting with --H--

1501.How much should I feed my dog?
1502.How much should my daughter be eating?
1503.How much time and energy do you spend on projects that don't make you any money?
1504.How much time did you spend doing research before you started writing?
1505.How much time do you spend on Facebook?
1506.How much time do you spend shaving every day?
1507.How much time do you spend with your spouse?
1508.How much time does the average teenager watch TV every day?
1509.How much TV do you watch?
1510.How much would you like?
1511.How nice to see you again, Tom.
1512.How often and how much should I feed my dog?
1513.How often should I feed my dog?
1514.How old are they?
1515.How old are you?
1516.How old do you think I am?
1517.How old do you think she is?
1518.How old do you think Tom is?
1519.How old is your father?
1520.How old will you be next year?
1521.How should I know?
1522.How soon will the meeting begin?
1523.How tall are you?
1524.How was it?
1525.How was the math test?
1526.How was the movie?
1527.How was the trip?
1528.How was today's game?
1529.How was your afternoon?
1530.How was your day?

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