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H - 6 | English In Use

Common Sentences starting with --H--

151.He apologized for his rudeness, but she wouldn't forgive him.
152.He apologized to me for stepping on my foot.
153.He appears to be strong and healthy.
154.He applied for the job and got it.
155.He arrived after I had left.
156.He arrived after the bell rang.
157.He arrived in time.
158.He asked a very good question.
159.He asked for a beer.
160.He asked his friends for help.
161.He asked if I like Chinese food.
162.He asked me to pass him the salt.
163.He asked me to speak more slowly.
164.He asked me to throw the ball back.
165.He asked me what I had been doing.
166.He asked me where my uncle lived.
167.He asked us to help him.
168.He assumed that the train would be on time.
169.He ate a box of chocolates.
170.He ate rice twice a day for many years.
171.He attained his goal.
172.He beat the odds and was successful.
173.He became a famous actor.
174.He became a national hero.
175.He became a nice young man.
176.He became famous.
177.He became irritated.
178.He began to learn English.
179.He began to run.
180.He believes that there is a spy among us.

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