Common Sentences starting with --N--

91.No, It's not a big deal. He and I were supposed to talk to some new customers today.
92.No, it wasn't expensive. It was on sale for 20 dollars.
93.No, it's not far.
94.No, it's too far. Let's drive.
95.No, not really. I wore a coat.
96.No, not this time. It's a big change for me 'cause I've never lived alone.
97.No, not this time. We went there last time.
98.No, not this weekend. I have too much work to do.
99.No, not very clearly. It's really noisy here.
100.No, not yet.
101.No, not yet. I sent out a lot of resumes, but I didn't receive many responses. It's pretty hard to find a job right now.
102.No, of course not. I already bought them a present.
103.No, she hasn't been around all day. She said she had something important to do today?
104.No, she's at school.
105.No, she's not here yet.
106.No, sorry. I don't know.
107.No, sorry. Not today. I have to get up early tomorrow.
108.No, thank you.
109.No, thank you.
110.No, that way is longer. There are more stop lights on that street.
111.No, that's it.
112.No, that's OK. I think if I rest for a little while I'll feel better.
113.No, that's too early. I'll still be at work then.
114.No, there's not enough room. I think it's better if we play outside.
115.No, they're not students, but there are a lot of students living in the building.
116.No, they're still together.
117.No, this is the first time.
118.No, We didn't go there. I'd like to go there next time.
119.No, what happened?
120.No, why?

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