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W - 14 | English In Use

Common Sentences starting with --W--

391.What are you two talking about?
392.What are your hobbies?
393.What are your weekend plans?
394.What book are you reading now?
395.What brand of dog food do you feed your dog?
396.What cities did you go to?
397.What color is it?
398.What color?
399.What did he say?
400.What did he say?
401.What did Jean make?
402.What did she buy at that store?
403.What did she buy at the shop?
404.What did she say?
405.What did she say?
406.What did you buy?
407.What did you buy?
408.What did you do last night?
409.What did you do last Sunday?
410.What did you do then?
411.What did you do this morning?
412.What did you do with my book?
413.What did you do with my pants?
414.What did you do with that car?
415.What did you do with those books?
416.What did you do yesterday?
417.What did you eat for breakfast?
418.What did you eat for lunch today?
419.What did you get for Christmas?
420.What did you have for breakfast?

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