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W - 27 | English In Use

Common Sentences starting with --W--

781.When was it finished?
782.When was she born?
783.When was the last time we met?
784.When were potatoes introduced into Japan?
785.When will the concert be held?
786.When will they arrive?
787.When will they give a concert?
788.When will we arrive?
789.When will you be back?
790.When will you be leaving?
791.When will you come back to school?
792.When will you get through with work?
793.When will you harvest your wheat?
794.When will you leave?
795.When will your book be published?
796.When would you like an appointment?
797.When would you like to see him?
798.When you get home will you send me an email with directions to the party tonight?
799.Where are my glasses?
800.Where are my shoes?
801.Where are the showers?
802.Where are the t-shirts?
803.Where are we?
804.Where are you from?
805.Where are you from?
806.Where are you from?
807.Where are you going?
808.Where are you going?
809.Where are you going?
810.Where are you planning to stay?

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