Common Sentences starting with --W--

1051.Why did he do such a thing?
1052.Why did he quit his job?
1053.Why did he run away?
1054.Why did she come home early?
1055.Why did she do that?
1056.Why did they fire him?
1057.Why did this happen?
1058.Why did you buy a flower?
1059.Why did you buy the flowers?
1060.Why did you come early?
1061.Why did you come home so late?
1062.Why did you do that?
1063.Why did you get so angry?
1064.Why did you open the box?
1065.Why did you quit?
1066.Why did you say such a thing?
1067.Why did you say that?
1068.Why didn't you call me last night?
1069.Why didn't you call me up?
1070.Why didn't you dance with him?
1071.Why didn't you phone before coming?
1072.Why didn't you read the magazine?
1073.Why do I have to do that?
1074.Why do you ask?
1075.Why do you lie?
1076.Why do you need this money?
1077.Why do you spend so much time watching TV?
1078.Why do you think he said so?
1079.Why do you want to be a doctor?
1080.Why do you want to be a nurse?

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