Common Sentences starting with --W--

1111.Will he get well?
1112.Will it be fine tomorrow?
1113.Will it be hot tomorrow?
1114.Will it rain this afternoon?
1115.Will it rain today?
1116.Will it rain tomorrow?
1117.Will she come?
1118.Will she get well soon?
1119.Will ten thousand yen do?
1120.Will the train leave on time?
1121.Will there be anything else?
1122.Will we be in time for the concert?
1123.Will you buy a ham sandwich for me at the store?
1124.Will you come and pick me up?
1125.Will you do me a favor?
1126.Will you drive me home?
1127.Will you explain the rule to me?
1128.Will you give me some?
1129.Will you glance through this report?
1130.Will you go by train?
1131.Will you go on a trip?
1132.Will you go with Tom?
1133.Will you go with us?
1134.Will you go, too?
1135.Will you have another cup of tea?
1136.Will you have dinner with me?
1137.Will you have some coffee?
1138.Will you help me for a minute?
1139.Will you help me move this desk?
1140.Will you help me to clean the room?

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