Common Sentences starting with --W--

1201.Would you do something for me?
1202.Would you give me a discount?
1203.Would you help me look for my keys?
1204.Would you join me for a walk?
1205.Would you lend me a pencil?
1206.Would you lend me your pen?
1207.Would you like a cup of milk?
1208.Would you like a cup of tea now?
1209.Would you like a glass of water?
1210.Would you like a king size bed or two double beds?
1211.Would you like a smoking or a non-smoking room?
1212.Would you like anything else?
1213.Would you like bacon or sausage?
1214.Would you like coffee or tea?
1215.Would you like ice?
1216.Would you like it washed?
1217.Would you like one way or round trip?
1218.Would you like some more cake?
1219.Would you like some salad?
1220.Would you like some water?
1221.Would you like some wine?
1222.Would you like something to drink?
1223.Would you like something to drink?
1224.Would you like something to eat?
1225.Would you like this to-go?
1226.Would you like to buy this?
1227.Would you like to come in for an interview next week?
1228.Would you like to come with me?
1229.Would you like to come?
1230.Would you like to dance with me?

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