Common Sentences starting with --W--

151.We have bottled water, juice, and Coke.
152.We have enough time.
153.We have exams right after summer vacation.
154.We have finished lunch.
155.We have five days to go before the summer vacation.
156.We have little chance of winning.
157.We have lost sight of him.
158.We have no choice but to carry on.
159.We have no extra money.
160.We have no school today.
161.We have no sugar.
162.We have plenty of time to spare.
163.We have plenty of time.
164.We have time to spare.
165.We have to change our plan.
166.We have to expect the worst.
167.We have to rent a room for our party.
168.We have to start at once.
169.We have two boys and one girl.
170.We have two daughters.
171.We have wireless. If you have a computer you can use the wireless network for an additional 5 dollars.
172.We invited him to our house.
173.We kept them quiet.
174.We lay on the grass.
175.We left the final decision to him.
176.We like it very much.
177.We listened to her for some time.
178.We live in the country during the summer.
179.We live in the suburbs.
180.We live near a big library.

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