Common Sentences starting with --W--

181.We lost our electricity because of the storm.
182.We lost sight of the man in the crowd.
183.We lost the game.
184.We love each other.
185.We love picnics.
186.We made it out of there.
187.We made pancakes for breakfast.
188.We may not be able to afford it.
189.We moved to New York last fall.
190.We must go to school.
191.We must keep calm.
192.We must leave early.
193.We must look after her children this evening.
194.We must make up for lost time.
195.We must pay the tax.
196.We must tear down this house.
197.We named our only son Tom after my grandfather.
198.We named the dog Tim.
199.We need more workers.
200.We need some money.
201.We need to invest in clean, renewable energy.
202.We need to rent a room for our party.
203.We obeyed the rules.
204.We often played chess after school.
205.We ordered pink, but we received blue.
206.We painted the house green.
207.We plan to climb that mountain.
208.We play on Sunday.
209.We played baseball yesterday.
210.We played tennis yesterday.

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