Random Common Sentences

1.I hear music.
2.What time?
3.Is there anyone who wants some more pie?
4.It doesn't matter to me if you take that book.
5.He apologized for his rudeness, but she wouldn't forgive him.
6.Sorry, we don't have any.
7.A stranger spoke to me on the crowded bus.
8.You must keep your room clean.
9.It's been a long time.
10.She was about to call him up when he walked in the door.
11.The soldier gave his name.
12.My vet told me to feed my dog in the evening.
13.I'll be waiting for Tom until 6 o'clock.
14.I came here to see if there was something I could do to help, but there doesn't seem to be anything for me to do.
15.I believe Tom is right.
16.Why are you buying a new computer anyway? Didn't you just get one a few months ago?
17.OK, let's play, but this time I don't want to bet money.
18.This is a picture of my sister.
19.Can you show me?
20.I'm busy at the moment.
21.Take care of yourselves!
22.I recognized Mary the moment I saw her.
23.I can't agree with you.
24.How much food should I be feeding my dog?
25.What is it that you want me to do?
26.I think it's time for me to get a dog.
27.Yes. I'll pick you up first, and then we'll go get Megan.
28.Let's spread the map on the table and talk it over.
29.I'm going to see him tomorrow.
30.Do you know if he has a girlfriend?