Random Common Sentences

1.I want some paper.
2.I am through with my work.
3.She smiled at him.
4.Do you know the address?
5.Hey, How's it going?
6.Let's do this first of all.
7.For him it may be possible, but I'd never pass the test.
8.I lent Tom and Paula my camera.
9.My mother is in the hospital now.
10.You are very beautiful.
11.He said, "It's nine o'clock.
12.Keep your room as neat as you can.
13.I know, I didn't have time to put things away before you got here.
14.What's in it?
15.Does she know you?
16.It rained all day yesterday.
17.She went to see him reluctantly.
18.I'm afraid you misunderstood me.
19.I didn't expect that Mary would come so soon.
20.She asked him questions.
21.She has brown eyes.
22.I've got as much money as he has.
23.He's really good looking.
24.Turn off the television. I can't concentrate.
25.Don't ask me for money.
26.If I had money, I could buy it.
27.Does your company have a website?
28.Be careful driving.
29.Bring me a cup of coffee, will you?
30.Who is it that you want to talk to?