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Random Common Sentences | English In Use

Random Common Sentences

1.Do you have any day tours?
2.He came back home three days later.
3.I was in New York for a few days.
4.Turn toward me, please.
5.Do you know who she is?
6.Where will you have lunch today?
7.Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
8.Where is the police station?
9.Don't talk about work. We're on vacation.
10.Let's talk over a cold beer.
11.Has he come yet?
12.He often helps others.
13.As far as I know, he has never come on time.
14.She beat him to death.
15.Would you like to go for a walk?
16.What's your address?
17.I can't believe you turned down that job.
18.Hi, is Mrs. Smith there, please?
19.I have a lot of friends to help me.
20.I saw a house with a red roof.
21.I am interested in swimming.
22.That's not fair.
23.He put the luggage down.
24.I had never eaten any kind of Thai food, so I was pretty excited about going to a Thai restaurant with my grandmother.
25.She decided to marry him even though her parents didn't want her to.
26.Your collar has a stain on it.
27.She goes to the supermarket every three days.
28.The room is at the end of the hall.
29.I heard you're going to graduate this summer. Is that true?
30.Will it be hot tomorrow?