Random Common Sentences

1.She seems rich.
2.Is there a movie theater nearby?
3.Will you remind me?
4.She'd like him to leave right away.
5.Tom was caught sneaking out of the room.
6.Is he Japanese?
7.I'm hungry.
8.He doesn't watch TV at all.
9.I didn't know you were coming here either.
10.Do you think I should go by myself?
11.She called him to say that she'd be late.
12.Will you help me to clean the room?
13.Would you like water or milk?
14.Don't worry.
15.He might not be happy.
16.What's that building?
17.He ignored her advice.
18.I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
19.It is dark in that room.
20.Nowadays more and more people prefer country life to city life.
21.He disappeared without a trace.
22.Would you like to dance?
23.Tom suggested another plan to the committee.
24.Do you think I'm too tall?
25.Have you been told where the meeting will be?
26.Can you get the door to shut?
27.This was meant as a joke.
28.About 50 dollars.
29.He hurt his knee when he fell.
30.The lake is deepest here.


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