Common Sentences starting with --K--

1.Karen bought a lot of things at the flea market.
2.Kate drinks a lot of milk every day.
3.Kate has a cold.
4.Kate made an apple pie.
5.Kate sympathized with him.
6.Kate wants to finish her homework by ten.
7.Kathleen's statements turned out to be true.
8.Keep away from the dog.
9.Keep in touch with me.
10.Keep in touch!
11.Keep in touch.
12.Keep off the grass.
13.Keep out.
14.Keep the change.
15.Keep the dog out.
16.Keep to the right.
17.Keep your eyes open.
18.Keep your room as neat as you can.
19.Keep your room clean.
20.Kelly, will you help me take these things to the car?
21.Ken and Joe went to the park to play tennis.
22.Ken beat me at chess.
23.Ken couldn't recall his name.
24.Ken didn't have the courage to try it again.
25.Ken goes to school by bus.
26.Ken has more books than you.
27.Ken hit on a good idea.
28.Ken is good at swimming.
29.Ken jumped over the wall.
30.Ken makes it a rule to get up early.

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