Random Common Sentences

1.Where is the pain?
2.He appears to be strong and healthy.
3.Please say hello to her if you see her at the party.
4.I suggested that we go fishing.
5.Really? I didn't think it would be that much.
6.You have the choice of soup or salad.
7.I fell asleep while studying at my desk.
8.No problem.
9.There's almost no coffee left in the pot.
10.Do you have any luggage?
11.Who sent this letter?
12.I left my gloves in the library.
13.I have a sharp pain here.
14.Everyone thinks the same thing.
15.I asked him if he would go there the next day.
16.The prisoners were set free.
17.Mary stayed up late last night.
18.Could you please tell me again what school you graduated from?
19.I want to go to college.
20.My family is not that large.
21.Jane may be playing tennis with my brother.
22.He will come soon.
23.I don't feel well. Could you give me some medicine?
24.We'd like you to sing some songs.
25.Do you study English?
26.Why did you come early?
27.She trembled with fear.
28.He hates spiders.
29.We bought a round table.
30.How would you like your eggs?


by ScopeMed