Random Common Sentences

1.I don't feel like working today.
2.I think it's open until 11:30PM.
3.This medicine helps relieve muscle pain.
4.I haven't finished eating.
5.He is about my size.
6.She invited him to her party.
7.She asked him some questions, but he refused to answer.
8.What would you like to drink?
9.What kind of music do you usually listen to?
10.Hey John, can I talk to you for a minute?
11.The wind feels great today.
12.Dinner's ready.
13.She boiled the eggs.
14.He's friendly with everyone in his class.
15.I did, but an old friend called me last night and invited me to his birthday party. I need to buy a gift for him.
16.Where do I get the subway?
17.The Shinano River is the longest river in Japan.
18.A ship sank near here yesterday.
19.I usually wake up at six.
20.Both of those students didn't pass the test.
21.How many do you want?
22.She went with him to the zoo.
23.My pulse is fast.
24.We have a test tomorrow.
25.He prepared supper by himself.
26.I've never heard of such a strange story.
27.She woke him up.
28.She choked him with her bare hands.
29.I am the happiest man on earth.
30.Mind your manners.