Common Sentences starting with --A--

91.Actually, I didn't know anything about those plans.
92.Actually, I was just finishing some work. I haven't gone to bed yet.
93.Actually, it's not that good. I can read but I can't speak very well. I haven't had a lot of chance to practice.
94.Actually, it's not that good. I can read but I can't speak very well. I haven't had a lot of chance to practice.
95.Actually, now that I think about it, a lot of people in cities here take the bus also.
96.Actually, would you please hand me my phone? I think I should give her a call now. She's probably wondering where I am.
97.Adam, can you do me a favor?
98.After he finished supper, he began to read the novel.
99.After I got married, my Japanese got better and I could understand more.
100.After I graduated from college, I got a job with my father's company.
101.After I graduated from college, I moved back home and lived with my parents for three years.
102.After I graduated from college, I spent two years traveling around the world.
103.After she lost her job, she couldn't afford to feed her dogs, so she gave them away.
104.After that, he went home.
105.After the game, he went straight home to feed his dog.
106.After the rain had let up a bit, we made a dash for the car.
107.After the storm, it was calm.
108.Against my advice, he fed his dog some raw pork.
109.Algebra is a branch of mathematics.
110.Alice returned home early from work with a severe headache.
111.All four of the boys didn't have alibis.
112.All I have is a book.
113.All I have is books.
114.All kinds, but mostly Pop, rock and classical. Why?
115.All men are equal.
116.All my friends like the same kind of music that I do.
117.All of a sudden, all the lights went out.
118.All of a sudden, she began to laugh.
119.All of a sudden, the clerk lost his temper.
120.All of a sudden, the fire alarm went off.

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