Common Sentences starting with --A--

151.Am I making myself clear?
152.Am I pronouncing it correctly?
153.Am I under arrest?
154.America is very large.
155.Americans are very friendly people.
156.Americans have to spend hours figuring out their taxes.
157.An eight-year-old car is almost worthless.
158.An expert was called for advice.
159.An old man sat surrounded by his grandchildren.
160.An old man was resting in the shade of the tree.
161.An old woman was burnt to death.
162.And by regular mail?
163.And those pencils? What should I do with them?
164.And you?
165.Andrew, would you like to play a game?
166.Andy must have practiced very hard.
167.Angela, come in.
168.Ann always keeps her room clean.
169.Ann came downstairs.
170.Ann can't find a job.
171.Ann doesn't have a sister.
172.Ann doesn't have any sisters.
173.Ann likes chocolate very much.
174.Ann likes music very much.
175.Ann loves chocolate more than anything.
176.Ann loves chocolate.
177.Ann what do you want to do tonight?
178.Anthony, are you OK?
179.Any comments will be gratefully appreciated.
180.Anybody can make a mistake.

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