Common Sentences starting with --D--

421.Does she like oranges?
422.Does she play piano?
423.Does she speak English?
424.Does she speak French?
425.Does that price include tax?
426.Does this book belong to you?
427.Does this bus go to the beach?
428.Does this cap belong to you?
429.Does this road go to New York?
430.Does Tom always carry a gun?
431.Does Tom have to write the letter today?
432.Does Tom like tomatoes?
433.Does your company have a website?
434.Does your dog bite?
435.Doesn't your father work there?
436.Doesn't your mother live in the city?
437.Doing that sort of thing makes you look stupid.
438.Don't add too much salt.
439.Don't ask me for money.
440.Don't ask.
441.Don't be a back-seat driver.
442.Don't be absurd.
443.Don't be afraid to ask questions.
444.Don't be angry.
445.Don't be disappointed.
446.Don't be late for the train.
447.Don't be late for work.
448.Don't be sad.
449.Don't beat around the bush.
450.Don't believe what she says.

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