Common Sentences starting with --D--

211.Do you hear that?
212.Do you keep a diary?
213.Do you know anyone who has a camera? I want to take a picture of all this snow.
214.Do you know anyone who hums while they work?
215.Do you know her?
216.Do you know him?
217.Do you know how much it costs?
218.Do you know how to cook?
219.Do you know how to drive a car?
220.Do you know how to drive?
221.Do you know how to get to the Marriott Hotel?
222.Do you know how to open this box?
223.Do you know how to speak English?
224.Do you know how to use a computer?
225.Do you know how to use this camera?
226.Do you know if Grace is at home?
227.Do you know if he has a girlfriend?
228.Do you know if she can speak English?
229.Do you know if there's a convenience store around here?
230.Do you know if there's a restroom around here?
231.Do you know that hotel?
232.Do you know the address?
233.Do you know the reason?
234.Do you know Tom well?
235.Do you know us?
236.Do you know what color she likes?
237.Do you know what he has done?
238.Do you know what he said?
239.Do you know what kind of flowers she likes?
240.Do you know what she said?

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