Common Sentences starting with --E--

31.Every door in the house is locked.
32.Every student who has graduated from our university has studied English with a native speaker for at least two years.
33.Every time cigarettes go up in price, many people try to give up smoking.
34.Every time I go there, I meet her.
35.Every time they talk, they argue.
36.Every town in America has a library.
37.Everybody except Joe went to the party.
38.Everybody had a good year.
39.Everybody has the right to seek happiness.
40.Everybody in the building felt the earthquake.
41.Everybody in the building headed for the exits at the same time.
42.Everybody in the car said they wanted to get out and stretch their legs.
43.Everybody in the park looked up at the hot air balloon.
44.Everybody in the room let out a sigh of relief.
45.Everybody knew she could speak English well.
46.Everybody knows that.
47.Everybody likes him.
48.Everybody looks up to him.
49.Everybody loves her.
50.Everybody loves him.
51.Everybody puts me down.
52.Everybody was jealous of my success.
53.Everyone always asks me that.
54.Everyone always speaks well of Tom.
55.Everyone ate the same thing.
56.Everyone in her class likes her.
57.Everyone knows it.
58.Everyone likes her.
59.Everyone loves him.
60.Everyone thinks the same thing.

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