Common Sentences starting with --E--

61.Everyone was happy.
62.Everyone's saying it.
63.Everything is all right at home.
64.Everything is fine so far.
65.Everything is fine.
66.Everything is ready.
67.Everything is ready.
68.Everything went black.
69.Everything went smoothly.
70.Everything's going to be OK.
71.Everywhere you look you can see children playing.
72.Everywhere you look you can see damage caused by the earthquake.
73.Everywhere you look you can see young couples kissing.
75.Excuse me for opening your letter by mistake.
76.Excuse me, are you American?
77.Excuse me, but I feel sick.
78.Excuse me, but may I use your telephone?
79.Excuse me, but would you please tell me the way to the post office?
80.Excuse me, I'm looking for the Holiday Inn. Do you know where it is?
81.Excuse me, sir, will you take a picture of us?
82.Excuse me, what did you say?
83.Excuse me, what's your name?
84.Excuse me.
85.Excuse me.
86.Excuse me.
87.Excuse me. Check please.
88.Excuse me. Do you know how to get to the mall?
89.Excuse my clumsiness.
90.Expiration date?

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