Common Sentences starting with --G--

31.Go and see who it is.
32.Go and sit by your father.
33.Go and wake Mary up.
34.Go away.
35.Go back to your seat.
36.Go say goodbye to them before they leave.
37.Go straight ahead.
38.Go straight down this road. When you get to the second light, take a left. Then get on the highway and take exit 52.
39.Go straight down this street and turn right at the third light.
40.Go to sleep.
41.Gold is heavier than silver.
42.Good afternoon, how may I help you?
43.Good afternoon.
44.Good evening sir.
45.Good evening.
46.Good for you.
47.Good idea.
48.Good idea. What are we going to do there?
49.Good Luck.
50.Good luck.
51.Good morning, Mike.
52.Good morning.
53.Good night.
55.Good. Do you speak English?
56.Good. Get some rest and I'll bring over some food later.
57.Good. Heather will be back in about 20 minutes. I'll tell her you called.
58.Good. That makes me feel much better.
59.Grace looked angry.
60.Grandpa bought it for me!

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