Common Sentences starting with --H--

751.He plays the piano very well.
752.He pointed out that the plan would cost a lot of money.
753.He pointed to the tower over there.
754.He practices playing the guitar until late at night.
755.He prepared supper by himself.
756.He pretended not to hear me.
757.He pretended to be a doctor.
758.He proceeded to the next question.
759.He promised me that he would come at four.
760.He promised me to come by five at the latest.
761.He promised not to smoke.
762.He promised that he would write to me once in a while.
763.He promised to come, but he didn't come.
764.He proofread my manuscript.
765.He put his hand to his forehead.
766.He put his room in order.
767.He put the luggage down.
768.He put the ring on Mary's finger.
769.He ran as fast as he could.
770.He ran as fast as his legs could carry him.
771.He ran away with the money.
772.He ran into debt.
773.He ran.
774.He reached across the table and shook my hand.
775.He reached his goal.
776.He reads before bedtime.
777.He really likes music a lot.
778.He really likes traveling a lot.
779.He really makes me angry.
780.He really wants to buy a new motorcycle.

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