Common Sentences starting with --H--

1351.How do I get to the American Embassy?
1352.How do I open the hood?
1353.How do I report a theft?
1354.How do we get to the library from here?
1355.How do you account for that?
1356.How do you assess your students?
1357.How do you come to school?
1358.How do you feel about it?
1359.How do you feel about the issue?
1360.How do you know?
1361.How do you like my new suit?
1362.How do you like the food?
1363.How do you like your beef stew?
1364.How do you like your eggs done?
1365.How do you like your new class?
1366.How do you like your new job?
1367.How do you like your new school?
1368.How do you make a box?
1369.How do you plan to get home?
1370.How do you pronounce that?
1371.How do you remove red wine stains from your carpet?
1372.How do you say it in English?
1373.How do you say that in Italian?
1374.How do you spell it?
1375.How do you spell the word Seattle?
1376.How do you spell your last name?
1377.How do you think I can convince her to spend more time with me?
1378.How do you think you'd look wearing that dress?
1379.How do you use it?
1380.How do you usually decide what to eat?

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