Common Sentences starting with --H--

1441.How long will you be staying?
1442.How long will you stay here?
1443.How many audiobooks do you have on your iPod?
1444.How many barbers work in that barbershop?
1445.How many books do you read a month?
1446.How many books does he have?
1447.How many cars have you owned so far?
1448.How many children do you have?
1449.How many children do you have?
1450.How many children do you have?
1451.How many computers have you had so far?
1452.How many cruises are there each day?
1453.How many different schools have you attended?
1454.How many do you want?
1455.How many eggs were you able to get yesterday?
1456.How many hours a day do you spend in your office?
1457.How many hours a day does she spend in the kitchen?
1458.How many hours a week do you work?
1459.How many kids do you have?
1460.How many kinds of vegetables do you grow in your garden?
1461.How many languages do you speak?
1462.How many miles is it to Pennsylvania?
1463.How many nights will you be staying?
1464.How many pencils do you have?
1465.How many people are there in New York?
1466.How many people do you have in your family?
1467.How many people?
1468.How many people?
1469.How many suicides do you think there are every year in Japan?
1470.How many times a day should I feed my dog?

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