Common Sentences starting with --M--

91.Mary, would you like to get something to eat with me?
92.May all your dreams come true!
93.May I ask a couple of questions?
94.May I ask a question?
95.May I ask you a question?
96.May I borrow your car?
97.May I come in?
98.May I do it right now?
99.May I go home?
100.May I go out for a short walk?
101.May I have a pillow and a blanket, please?
102.May I have a receipt?
103.May I have your name and address?
104.May I have your name, please?
105.May I have your name?
106.May I help you?
107.May I join you?
108.May I leave this book with you?
109.May I look at your passport?
110.May I open a can?
111.May I pay by check?
112.May I put it down here?
113.May I put it here?
114.May I see your insurance card please.
115.May I sit next to you?
116.May I speak to Bill?
117.May I speak to Mrs. Smith please?
118.May I speak to you?
119.May I take a rest for a while?
120.May I take a rest?

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