Common Sentences starting with --S--

421.She gave him a sweater.
422.She gave him all the money that she had.
423.She gave him an expensive watch.
424.She gave him his first kiss.
425.She gave him money as well as food.
426.She gave him some food.
427.She gave him something cold to drink.
428.She gave him something hot to drink.
429.She gave him something to drink.
430.She gave him the brush off.
431.She gave it to him.
432.She gave me a bag made of leather.
433.She gave me a book for Christmas.
434.She gave me a nice pair of shoes.
435.She gave me a wonderful present.
436.She gave up smoking.
437.She gets along well with him.
438.She glanced through the magazine.
439.She goes to a school for the deaf.
440.She goes to night school.
441.She goes to school.
442.She goes to the movies once a week.
443.She goes to the supermarket every three days.
444.She got a piece of bread stuck in her throat.
445.She got angry.
446.She got engaged to him.
447.She got him a new hat.
448.She got him into trouble.
449.She got him to do anything she wanted him to do.
450.She got him to do everything she wanted him to do.

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