Common Sentences starting with --S--

451.She got him to drive all the way to Boston.
452.She got him to drive.
453.She got him to eat his vegetables.
454.She got into the car and drove off.
455.She got married at the age of 25.
456.She got married to him.
457.She got married when she was twenty-five.
458.She got no answer from him.
459.She got on her bike and rode away.
460.She got over the shock of her father's death.
461.She got the money from him even though he said that he wouldn't give it to her.
462.She got the money from him.
463.She got to the hotel late at night.
464.She got up at seven in the morning.
465.She got up late.
466.She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him onto the boat.
467.She grabbed him by the hand.
468.She graduated with honors.
469.She greeted him cheerfully as she always did.
470.She greets him every morning as he enters the school building.
471.She greets him every morning.
472.She grew roses.
473.She grew up to be a famous doctor.
474.She grinned at me when she came into the room.
475.She grows flowers such as tulips, pansies and daisies.
476.She had a basket full of apples.
477.She had a clear conscience.
478.She had a good time talking with him about his trip.
479.She had a good time talking with him.
480.She had changed so much that I couldn't recognize her.

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