Common Sentences starting with --S--

601.She ignored him almost all day.
602.She ignored him pretty much all day.
603.She ignored him until he became rich.
604.She insisted that he should go to the hospital.
605.She insulted him.
606.She intended to become an actress.
607.She intended to go shopping with her mother, but her mother was busy.
608.She intended to go shopping.
609.She intends to play tennis this afternoon with her father.
610.She intends to play tennis tomorrow afternoon.
611.She intends to play tennis.
612.She interrupted him while he was speaking to my father.
613.She interrupted him while he was speaking.
614.She introduced her sister to him more than two years ago.
615.She introduced her sister to him.
616.She introduced me to her brother.
617.She introduced me to him at the party.
618.She invited him in for a cup of coffee.
619.She invited him in.
620.She invited him to her party.
621.She invited Tom and me to the party.
622.She ironed his shirts.
623.She is a beauty.
624.She is a nurse.
625.She is a quiet woman.
626.She is a runner.
627.She is a stranger to me.
628.She is a student.
629.She is a teacher.
630.She is a twin.

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