Common Sentences starting with --S--

931.She scolded him for being late.
932.She screamed for help.
933.She screamed with terror.
934.She scrubbed the kitchen floor with a brush.
935.She seems rich.
936.She seldom goes out.
937.She selected a hat to match her new dress.
938.She served me coffee.
939.She shot a gun.
940.She showed me her room.
941.She sings well.
942.She smiled at him uneasily.
943.She smiled at him.
944.She smiled.
945.She sold all of her furniture, so she could afford to feed herself and her dog.
946.She sold him her car.
947.She speaks good English.
948.She spends a little time each day reading the Bible.
949.She spends a lot of money on books.
950.She spends a lot of money on shoes.
951.She spends a lot of time helping her children learn to deal with money.
952.She spends a majority of her time taking care of her children.
953.She spends a pretty good chunk of time just sitting there and looking out the window.
954.She spends all her time thinking about boys.
955.She spends more time thinking about work than doing it.
956.She spends over a third of her time doing paperwork.
957.She spends time with her grandmother every Sunday.
958.She spends way too much time surfing the web.
959.She spent a lot of time writing her essay.
960.She spent all afternoon cooking.

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