Common Sentences starting with --T--

481.The nurse attended the patient.
482.The old man begged me for money.
483.The old man gave me a useful piece of advice.
484.The old man narrowly escaped being run over by a car.
485.The old man sat all alone.
486.The old man stopped for a moment to rest.
487.The old man was run over by a car.
488.The old woman got hurt when she fell.
489.The one downtown.
490.The only thing he's thinking about is seeing her.
491.The only time he feeds the dog is when his wife is away on a trip.
492.The opera starts at seven.
493.The other day I discovered a book written by my father.
494.The pain has gone.
495.The pain has lessened a little.
496.The pain has mostly gone away.
497.The pain in my stomach has gone.
498.The pain is getting worse.
499.The pain was terrible.
500.The pain went away because I took the pills.
501.The palace was heavily guarded.
502.The park is open to everybody.
503.The patient may pass away at any moment.
504.The pears we eat in Japan look almost like apples.
505.The phone kept ringing.
506.The place where he lives is far from town.
507.The plane departs at 5:30P.
508.The police arrested a suspect in connection with the robbery.
509.The police arrested the suspect yesterday.
510.The police arrested the suspect.

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