Common Sentences starting with --T--

1171.Tom disappointed me.
1172.Tom does everything he can to save money.
1173.Tom doesn't ever want to see Mary again.
1174.Tom doesn't have a bicycle.
1175.Tom doesn't know a whole lot about racing.
1176.Tom doesn't know how to say what he wants to say in French.
1177.Tom doesn't know much about art.
1178.Tom doesn't know what Mary does for a living.
1179.Tom doesn't know when Mary will leave Boston.
1180.Tom doesn't know where Mary lives.
1181.Tom doesn't like cats.
1182.Tom doesn't like cheese.
1183.Tom doesn't like me.
1184.Tom doesn't really talk about his problems much.
1185.Tom doesn't think that it'll rain tomorrow.
1186.Tom doesn't understand what Mary is trying to say.
1187.Tom doesn't watch TV except on Saturdays.
1188.Tom drove the car.
1189.Tom escaped from the danger.
1190.Tom fed his leftovers to his dog.
1191.Tom felt very lonely.
1192.Tom filled out the application form.
1193.Tom finally gave up smoking.
1194.Tom found me a taxi.
1195.Tom gambled away a fortune in one night.
1196.Tom gave me a pen.
1197.Tom gave up running for mayor after pleading guilty to drunken driving.
1198.Tom gets up at six every morning.
1199.Tom got a little bit of pie.
1200.Tom got a little pie.

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