Common Sentences starting with --T--

1321.Tom puts too much sugar in his tea.
1322.Tom recommended the novel to them.
1323.Tom regretted having wasted a great deal of his life.
1324.Tom reminds me of a boy I used to know.
1325.Tom runs very fast.
1326.Tom said he would draw a map for her if necessary.
1327.Tom said that he had been cleaning the house all day.
1328.Tom sat two rows ahead of me.
1329.Tom saved her from the fire.
1330.Tom saw a doctor.
1331.Tom saw something red there.
1332.Tom scrubbed his feet.
1333.Tom seems very happy.
1334.Tom served five days in jail last year after pleading guilty to drunken driving.
1335.Tom served two months in jail for drunken driving.
1336.Tom set a trap.
1337.Tom set me up.
1338.Tom shared his mother's oatmeal cookie recipe with Mary.
1339.Tom should be here any minute.
1340.Tom should have gone to the dentist yesterday.
1341.Tom shouldn't say such rude things to Mary.
1342.Tom showed her the letter from Santa Claus.
1343.Tom slipped out of the classroom.
1344.Tom stopped to take a close look at the car.
1345.Tom suggested another plan to the committee.
1346.Tom suggested that Ann should sell the house.
1347.Tom swims very fast.
1348.Tom thanked me for the gift.
1349.Tom told her that he had written that poem two years before.
1350.Tom told her that he had written that poem two yearsitten that poem two years before.

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