Common Sentences starting with --T--

1381.Tom was walking slowly with his head down.
1382.Tom wasn't ready to die.
1383.Tom watched TV yesterday.
1384.Tom went back to his hometown.
1385.Tom will be able to drive a car soon.
1386.Tom will be able to swim soon.
1387.Tom will become a good soccer player some day.
1388.Tom will go there tomorrow.
1389.Tom will have breakfast early tomorrow.
1390.Tom will paint the fence tomorrow.
1391.Tom wishes he didn't have to help with the housework.
1392.Tom worked like a madman.
1393.Tom works as hard as any boy in the class.
1394.Tom would often play jokes on the teacher.
1395.Tom wrote Mary's phone number in his little black book.
1396.Tom's a beginner, but he catches on fast.
1397.Tom's already here, but Bill hasn't come yet.
1398.Tom's dog bit him playfully.
1399.Tom's face is red.
1400.Tom's grandmother looks healthy.
1401.Tom's Japanese is improving little by little.
1402.Tom's new girlfriend is quite attractive.
1403.Tom's shot missed the target by two feet.
1404.Tom's speech was excellent.
1405.Tom's way of speaking gets on my nerves.
1406.Tom's way of speaking got on my nerves.
1407.Tomato and rice. Have you had that before?
1408.Tommy couldn't answer the last question.
1409.Tomorrow is a holiday.
1410.Tomorrow is Christmas Day.

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